Meet our new neighbors! (Or at least, down the street neighbors!) Gary & Anne welcomed us warmly to the neighborhood with freshly baked cookie bars the day we moved in and they were such a welcome treat to share with our moving crew! An added bonus is that Gerard & I both got to teach Mariah and we have so enjoyed watching her grow and develop into a future music educator. What a lovely family and I so enjoyed getting to spend time with them!

Craziest part is that Mariah is getting ready for her senior recital at Evangel University and needed headshots for her program and advertising posters. (What?!) I was happy to oblige.

Fun fact: if you're out on the Ragbrai Trail this summer, look for Gary and lend him a shower and a nice place to lay his head! He's headed out for the whole trip this year and his girls will be cheering him on as he bikes river to river. 

So fun to see you guys! Best of luck on the trail, Gary! I hope you are spared the uncomfortable side effects that we discussed as you spend a week on a bike seat! ;) You've got an outstanding cheer squad backing you up and it sounds like you're going to have great company along the way. Be safe and come back in one piece!! And Ms. Mariah-best of everything as you enter your SENIOR YEAR!!



PS You can view more of our time together HERE.