Wow! Have these kids grown and matured in a year's time! Roman & Corban did an amazing job smiling for me and Chloe just worked her ever-awesome magic. :) Deanne has been a great encouragement to me this school year and I always appreciate her empathetic yet straight-forward advice and "I feel ya, girl" camaraderie. I've photographed often at Gray's Lake, but when Deanne suggested near a playground as a carrot for good behavior, we gave the north side of the Lake a shot and I love how these turned out! Thank you for the challenge, friend!

We gave the kids a break and caught a few of Deanne & Bryan:

An added bonus: as long as they got to throw a few rocks, these kids gave me more candid opportunities!

Deanne + Bryan: Thank you so much for having me back again! Your kids are awesome and I love talking swim with Chloe. How fun to watch them all grow and change in the best of ways. Have a fabulous summer and enjoy!



PS You can view more of our time together HERE.