In 6th grade, I hoped this young lady would be in front of my camera for her senior photos. She's got a sense of style that I've watched morph over the years and she can pretty much wear anything and make it look good! I learned that her sunglasses are her signature accessory and we had fun make them work for us in just about every chance we got. A quieter soul, I greatly enjoyed having undistracted conversation with Gina throughout our time together and while she claimed it was going to take her awhile to warm up to the camera, I didn't think we were hindered in any way!

A quick outfit change and she looks like a metropolis city gal ready to take on the world in a Vogue magazine!

But she can wear country/nature equally well! We had a great time with this rust-colored dress and the light breeze. :) 

We wrapped up our session in Gina's backyard with her 20 year old cat who's seen her through all of her life. According to Gina, "He smells, he can't walk very well. But we love him to pieces."

Gina: I'm so excited to see where Life takes you in the years after high school! I know you're going to be awesome because you are comfortable in your own skin and you unabashedly show who you are on a daily basis. Sunglasses and all. Congratulations on your senior year, in advance, and enjoy your summer!!


Mrs. K

PS You can view more of our time together HERE. 

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