I'm not aware that any of my clients receive the awesome magazine Click so I thought I'd pass along some additional info in the last installment of this triology on What To Wear. You can see some info on body shapes' suggestions here and our second installment here . 

Many moms come to me asking for suggestions on how to dress their family and I've responded with a few ideas via email, but mainly, if you take nothing else away from this post: Wear what makes you feel beautiful. When in doubt though, you can consult this list of suggestions from Click Magazine:

1. Coordinate don't copy-One way to keep the entire family looking unified is through coordinating colors. Colors that match but a single color isn't necessarily on everyone.

2. Turn up the texture-Add interest, personality and lift to your family photos with texture. Suggestions include: a nubby sweater, a tweedy scarf, fur vest, tulle skirt, metallic shoe or denim jacket paired with a lace top or dress. 

3. Shine your shoes-Leave the crocs and cross trainers at home. Wear your best footwear (heels help!) or we can ditch them entirely and go bare foot. (Polish is nice but not necessary. :) )

4. Flatter your figure. (See tips from the first of this triology for body shape suggestions)

5. Aim for classic but current- ditch the extremely date-able trends and stick to classic shapes like sheaths, straight-leg pants and button front shirts. Keep in mind that timeless doesn't need to be dreary. 

6. Avoid make up mistakes. One of the most dreaded makeup blunders in photography is when the flash bounces off your foundation causing your face to appear to be a completely different color than the rest of you. One of the main culprits of this is foundation with sunscreen.

7. Groom the guys-Some men are reluctant to switch up their style for family photos, so it's important to make sure that he feels like himself no matter what he's wearing. 

8. It's trendy today to pile on a statement necklace, armfuls of bangles and multiple layered colors, but 10 years from now, these details will date your photo. Instead, pick a couple of gorgeous pieces your client loves and limit it to that. One is best.

9. Think of a theme-if it fits for your family, go for it!

10. Keep hair natural-the ideal way for you to wear your hair is in the very best version of your natural, everyday looks. 

I hope these tips and photos spur some ideas and make the clothing selection process a bit easier! 

Happy clothes (& accessories!) hunting!