It's somewhat a "first world problem", I know, but it's also a common question I get asked when a client is scheduling a photo session with me. So, I thought I'd address a few things throughout the coming days here. I've written about it at least once, but it's probably time to update some information for the various sessions that we shoot. First up, Seniors:  

1. BRING ROUGHLY 5-10 OUTFITS ON HANGERS (IRONED ALREADY, IF NEEDED) WITH SHOE OPTIONS (LADIES, CONSIDER BRINGING HEELS) & ACCESSORIES for each. We probably won't use them all, but it gives us plenty of options for various backdrops/locations. Loose clothing is generally not flattering for portraits and darker clothing or solids are best/classic.

A few notes on clothing selections from a recent posing class I've taken on different body types/shapes and tips on what to wear:

*Inverted Triangle (if your shoulders are much broader than your waist): avoid ruffles, bright colored tops, sleeveless or spaghetti straps. Consider a bottom layer with more shape like a flared skirt with movement.

*The Column/Rectangle (straighter lined body, less curvy): fake your waist with a belt or cinched dress and a non-solid is ok! Consider pleats or fabric with shape or movement. 

*Apple (rounder torso): avoid oversized or without-shape tops. Introduce waist with a single button jacket or a belt at the waist to cinch it and avoid a high neckline. 

*Pear (wider hips than shoulders): darker, form fitting bottom layer with a brighter top would be great to bring attention to your face. Bare arms or strapless would be fine here too, avoid side pockets or details at your hip/thigh level. Instead, put the bling in a necklace or statement earrings. (or we can have fun with some blingy shoes too...) ;)

2. For ladies, CONSIDER GETTING YOUR HAIR DONE, come with make-up on and bring that make-up with you so we can do touch ups throughout our time together. If you're not big on make-up, AT THE VERY LEAST, BRING LIP GLOSS to give your face some "pop" for the camera.

3. BRING PARTS OF YOUR ACTIVITIES WITH YOU. If you're in band, bring your instrument. If you play football, bring cleats or shoulder pads. If you're a cheerleader, bring your poms and cheer uniform.

4. THINK OF LOCATIONS THAT MEAN SOMETHING TO YOU.  If there's a particular spot that your family visits often, or particular places of your city that you love-we'll use it! If you like urban, we'll go downtown. If you like eclectic, we'll go to Valley Junction or East Village, for example.

5. On the flip side, THINK OF THINGS YOU ABSOLUTELY DON'T WANT TO DO and we'll avoid it. That simple!

6. PARENTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME TO COME ON THE SHOOT! Often, they can get the most genuine expressions from their children and I welcome that assistance.

7. WEATHER. I generally go by the rule that if it's not raining, we go for it. But if the weather is obscenely hot and unsafe, we will postpone and schedule as close to our original date as possible. If we're both hot, really uncomfortable, and sweaty, it won't be my best work and you won't have any fun in the process.  This shoot is all about YOU and giving you a great experience.

Now booking for the Class of 2016--Let's do this Seniors!! :)