It's somewhat a "first world problem", I know, but it's also a common question I get asked when a client is scheduling a photo session with me. So, I thought I'd address a few things throughout the coming days here. I've written about it at least once, but it's probably time to update some information for the various sessions that we shoot. (Not to mention, we just booked the first wedding of 2016 over here are Carrie Krupke Photography!) 

Next up: an engagement session....Here is some information that I send to my brides:

1. I'll take a few close-ups of your engagement ring, so your nails can either have paint on them or none at all, just not in between with lots of chips...


2. We can do two different outfits for you both. One more casual (think dinner out with nice jeans and a blouse for you and maybe a collared shirt for your groom) and one more dressy (think going to a show at the Civic Center, maybe a skirt or dress for you with heels and khaki slacks for your groom) avoid baggy clothing because it won't be flattering on you-baggy clothing makes you look heavier than you actually are when photographed. Check out this post from last week for info on body shapes and suggestions....Also, consider the colors between you and your groom so that you match more than you clash. :)

3. Something special-if you have something that represents the two of you (for example, my husband and I play cribbage a lot, so we could bring a cribbage board and a pack of cards). Or you could do something along the lines of Andrea + Derek, bringing in Derek's love of vintage cars... Or Elizabeth & Sam brought their adorable puppy (pictured above). If this isn't a possibility, that's totally ok. Just food for thought.

4. Get your hair done if you're comfortable doing so in order to make these photos look more "spiffy" than your average day crunching numbers at the office. :) 

5. For more examples, you can view additional posts here: 

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Enjoy the outfit shopping and pampering pre-shoot!! 

Now booking weddings for 2015 and 2016,