What an adventure we had for Jenna's session! In our first location, we had no short of FOUR emergency vehicles with their sirens racing past and we could barely hear each other talk! lol! I absolutely loved every outfit Jenna had for our time together-what a fun fashionista!

At our second location, a marriage proposal happened a few yards away from us and then even more excitement ensued when the couple announced to their parents that they were expecting as well! Poor Jenna was posing like a rock star-you would never know that we were surrounded by crowds of people and she took it all in great stride. I knew when she contacted me that I would absolutely LOVE working with her and she and her mom, Julie, definitely didn't disappoint! 

I was so thankful that we had planned for her last location to be away from the crowds and in the middle of nowhere-a sunflower field with no one else around. If Jenna could pose and work with me as well as she did in the past locations, I knew we'd get amazing shots now that we were both in our comfort zones. The only thing that worried us was the weather-the skies were teasing us with rain as we drove to our field and then, the sun blessed us with the best glowy light as it made its final descent. We were ecstatic to be given such a reward for our efforts: 


Because the sun was about to be done for the day, we did a quick outfit change to show off Jenna's non-academic pursuits throughout her high school career. As we were finishing this series off, the sun gave us a spectacular last showing and we had to go back into her blue dress to take advantage. Oh silly sun, how you tease! To switch things up, I got up on Julie's beloved Honda Pilot's roof and got Jenna from a different angle altogether. What fun!!

Jenna + Julie: It was so wonderful working with both of you to make this shoot happen! Thank you so much for having me be a small part of Jenna's senior year. It's my pleasure and my privilege that I deeply appreciate! Jenna-I know that no matter what you choose to do beyond high school, you're going to do an outstanding job of it. We're here rootin' for you!

Blessings on your senior year!


PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE.