Oh how this family is so dear to my heart! I've been photographing them at least since #3 was surprisingly in the oven. And oh, the ride they've been on with sweet Catherine. Last year's session, Catherine didn't say a word to me, hardly made eye contact and barely cracked a smile. Fast forward to this session and her transformation through a lot of hard work, patience and perseverance rewarded me with High 5's, smiles galore and I was even bestowed full sentence conversations. What a darling, fiesty and fun little lady! 

Because of their need to be near family, Laura & Eric find themselves preparing to move. Eric will be reinventing his construction business in the Quad Cities (if you need a contractor, I am happy to give you their contact information!) and Laura has found a choral directing position. For their family's reinvention/overhaul, we did individual portraits of not just the children, but Laura & Eric too. Enjoy their sweet family!!

While the kids took a break, we got a few of just Laura & Eric and low and behold, the kids eventually wanted to join the party. ;) 

Laura + Eric: As you embark on this new season of your lives, I hope these photos make it onto your new home's walls! I know that together, you two can make anything work. Your family is a beautiful one and I'm honored for the opportunity to photograph you as you step out into the unknown and blaze a new trail. I know our paths will continue to cross and I'm so excited to watch your family grow and change in great ways! 

Blessings in EVERYTHING, 


PS You can view more of our time together HERE.