Oh, how dear this family is to me! With children practically exactly our own childrens' ages, they've become a family that is "in the trenches" with us. I love Amanda's sense of style, encouragement, and Trevor and Gerard talk golf and Dad Jokes all the time. They also need to educate me on how to be a Boy Mom-poor Loch just got his first dinosaur figure for his second birthday! Help! #delayedresponse 

Amanda's sense of great style bled into their family session when she suggested a new park for me to explore and I loved the textures and backdrops we made use of! Thanks friend! 

As much as I loved the shiplap backdrop, we also needed to get the classic sitting in the grass poses and snuggles: 

Definitely had to knock out a few of just Amanda and Trevor: it's been too long! 

I remember doing a photo similar to the one just above when they were just a family of three anticipating Blaine's arrival. What a joy it's been to capture your family, you guys! Here's to many more times round the sun together! 



PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE.