Having now taught all the Fisher girls, I can't believe I get to have one in front of my camera!! Jenna is an outstanding alto sax player and has proven herself to be a fantastic asset to our high school program as well. Need I mention that she's also excellent with Littles and aspires to help children in hospital situations? How sweet is that! I would love for her to be near my daughter or son if they are ever facing time in a hospital-she has a soft, soothing voice and remains calm in any stressful situation. Jenna is aiming to attend Iowa State for their program that would lead her on that path to assist children in their hospital stay. 

But first thing's first: her senior year and senior pictures!!

We had a great time playing with the light on this particular evening, hopping from one part of our field to another as the clouds danced through the sky, giving us shade or harsh light. Jenna was up for anything I challenged her to do and was completely with me as we worked the light situation in which we found ourselves. What a champ!

We finished our time at Valley Junction and touched on her music career as well. 


I know you're going to do excellent things this year and beyond the halls of Norwalk HS. I'm so proud of who you are and who you are becoming. I can't wait to see what your future endeavors include! 

All the best, 


PS You can view more of our time together HERE.