I think I say this every season, but I can't believe this group of students will be seniors this fall! I had the joy of teaching Ana for three years as she was a flute player (and that was my major in college, so I get the flutes most of the time). It's been so fun to sit back and watch her grow in her confidence, finding her voice and seeing her personality come to life throughout her high school career. Even more special, she's now enrolled in the Digital Photography course that I'll be teaching this fall, so I get to teach her again! It was a little intimidating knowing that she'll be in my classroom again as I was shooting her senior photos-hopefully, I gave her good mental notes to take throughout our time together!

While we had a blast starting our day bright and early together, we also hit some rush-hour traffic and garbage truck routes downtown Des Moines, so we did our best to find out-of-the-way locations and I used different techniques to block out what could be distractions in her images. :) The last couple years has seen an army of flute players continue to high school so, many of them take up Color Guard and Ana is rockin' it!

We made a quick stop to the Botanical Gardens for some of their art features outside their building, then headed to a shady spot that a friend introduced me to that would give some more nature-y backdrop options.

I don't think I mentioned this, but Ana joined up with Jaden's senior session for several reasons:

  • they're great friends
  • they wanted the same backdrops
  • I had a packed shooting schedule by the time she contacted me and was flexible to make anything work

It was a blast to do this Duet Session! These two did a great job sharing the spotlight with each other and we had a ton of fun working out their last jump together. 


I know you're going to do great things this year and beyond! You've got my full support behind you as you endeavor to be a future educator no matter where you land for college studies. Hold on tight because it's a wild ride! 

All the best, 

Mrs. K

PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE.