The following story may not seem to relate to a senior session, but track with me and it'll make sense eventually! 

When I was pregnant with Adelaide, I didn't have a great censor on my mouth. Whatever thought came into my head, usually made its way out into conversation. One particular day in 8th grade band, I was taking photos of rehearsal for the school's yearbook and I was wrapping up, walking back to my office to put my camera away. Sam was sitting in the trombone section in the back row and as I was walking past his seat, Sam asked, "Did I make it into one of your shots Mrs. Krupke?" Without hesitation, I replied, "Nope. If you did, you'd have broken my camera, buddy." His fellow trombone friends laughed WITH Sam, not AT him because they could sense the sarcasm in my tone, but I about died inside because it is NOT like me at all to speak to a student that way! I blame the pregnancy hormones. 

Little did I know that 4 years later, Sam would, in fact, be in front of my camera for his senior photos because he won my After Prom gift certificate! God really does have a sense of humor. And, for the record, he did not break my camera. ;) 

While we started in his suit, we changed into a more laid back outfit, but used some of the same backdrop just to give Sam some more choices. Then headed south and east of downtown for a different spot: 

Lastly, we headed to Grey's Lake and even though it was ridiculously harsh sun, I'm still enjoying what we got! 

Sam-Man, if you take my sarcasm in such stride, I know you can take Life by the horns. I'm so sorry for my lack of censorship that day! I wish you nothing but the best in your senior year-I know you will do great things!!



PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE.