If you tell a Mommy it's bedtime...

Chances are, she'll start to pick up the toys so that tomorrow can start fresh and clean. 

While picking up, she'll rearrange the bookshelf and the baskets that store the toys. Then she'll see that she needs to put the last load of laundry in the dryer. 

Putting clothes in the dryer will remind her to wrap up folding the rest of the laundry on the couch. She'll stack it all in her arms and trek up the stairs. 

Passing through the kitchen, she'll take a mental note of the other items that need to be picked up after she puts the laundry away. 

Once the laundry is away, she goes back down the stairs to the kitchen and wraps things up there so that the table is clear and most of the dirty dishes are taken care of. Lunch for tomorrow? Check. Pump gear packed for work? Check. Child #1's blankie and snugglie by the door? Check. Child #2's bottles prepped and "people-food" ready? Check. 

Heading up the stairs, finally "to bed", she'll need to hit the bathroom, brush teeth, take off make-up, run a brush through her hair and head into her bedroom. 

Once in her bedroom, she'll realize she needs to put her outfit out for work in the morning. Putting her clothes out for the morning reminds her that Child #1's shoes were in the basement and need to be put by the door for a smooth exit. 

After putting the shoes by the door, Mommy heads up the stairs one last time, slides under the covers, plugs her phone in since it's her alarm and clicks the light off... 

Bedtime? What time did you say you wanted Mommy in bed? 

She gets up while it is still night; she provides food for her family. . .
and her lamp does not go out at night.
Proverbs 31:16, 18

Happy Mother's Day Week to all the beautiful and hard-working Mamas out there!