I've shared about our family's adventures in front of the camera when Laidy was two and when she was 6 months, so I thought it time we update things as a family of four! If this helps any mom of Little Folks, then the time taken to write it is well worth it! (Plus, I wanted to show off our adorable little people and a bonus good hair day for me-finally found hairspray that holds!!)


-gathered any props we needed (chalkboard for "7 Months" for Lochlyn, Ella's sweater, harness, leash and treats)

-gathered clothing choices and laid them out, including shoes for Laidy 

-showered and shampooed me and Laidy so we'd just curl hair the next morning

-took the night easy since we'd encountered illness the previous week and I wanted to lay low


We scheduled our session to start at 10:00 so we wouldn't have to race out the door as if it were a school morning. Lochlyn's feeding schedule miraculously lined up nicely (anyone else have trouble getting a second child on a schedule?) and we brought ample snacks to placate/bribe/feed Laidy and myself. #nursingmomprobs This was the first time that Gerard held an opinion about where we should do our session, so when he offered the capitol as an option, I went with it. 

We met Austin at the west-facing steps of the capitol and yes, it was a terrible time of day for lighting because the sun was peeking around the corner making things quite bright on the west side. Austin's a pro and that's why we pay him the big bucks to leverage light well. Eventually, we went inside to warm up and use window light too. I've never been inside the capitol building itself so it was a great education for me (and for future sessions with my own clients!). 

Talk about gorgeous. (And I'm not just talking about the window light. Who is that lovely little lady?!)

Lastly, on our way to the car to get snacks, we had to document the Des Moines skyline for a few reasons. Mainly, Laidy has had this obsession with the helicopters at our area hospitals since Lochlyn was born and she's convinced that the Principal Building (the one with a diamond shaped top) is the hospital. We can't get her to believe to the contrary, so we'll embrace it and document it! 

After our session was complete, we had our taxes done, headed home for lunch, and a nap for everyone. This is how teachers schedule their "days off" after a week of conferences. #adulting 

Hope this helps other families with Littles!!