As a middle school student, Andrew took on one of the most challenging bass clarinet solos and nailed it. Though his high school career has taken him a different direction from the band room, I have no doubt that Andrew will take that "can do" attitude and approach any other challenges to nail 'em. While he debates between business or education at Iowa State, I'm sure his senior year will be nothing short of wonderful. 

In between the rain clouds, we snuck in his senior photos on a particularly rainy Saturday. Thanks for your patience with the weather and for braving the bluster, Andrew! 

We went from Ewing Park to the Capitol and then across the street (roughly) to the Judicial building for the view and sculptures. 

We were headed towards Grey's Lake when I saw this brick wall and I'm sure Andrew and his mom Katie, were a little confused, but they followed loyally and I love the results! 

Andrew: I know you're going to be successful when you put your mind to something. I've seen the perseverance and determination fire up your eyes and that will take you quite far. Keep at it and enjoy your senior year!


PS You can view more of our time together HERE.