This couple is after my own heart. Emily teaches 4th grade in Perry, Iowa and Lucas works at a bank in Indianola, but is totally a foodie who can refer you to any kind of eatery in downtown Des Moines. Additionally, even though Emily teaches 4th grade, she's qualified to teach K-12 music and even sang from 'Enchanted' while we took pictures. I felt completely at home with them and can't wait for their October nuptials as I'm sure their guests will feel the exact same way. 

While we dodged the prom-goers all over downtown, we started at the Simon Estes Ampitheatre to give a view of the downtown skyline:

We walked across the bridge to the World Food Prize and used this beautiful line of flowering trees to highlight the season in which their engagement photos were captured.

Like I mentioned earlier, we dodged prom-goers, but we couldn't exactly dodge the parking spaces their cars took up. We had a doozy of a time finding a place just to grab this shot, but it was worth the effort and Lucas & Emily didn't mind a dose of hazardous-driving adventure down alleyways and parking miracles. Because, of any place she'd like to be, Emily feels Lucas' arms is the place to be no matter where they are:

True to Lucas's tastes, we lastly hit up the Scenic Route Bakery, grabbed a coffee and enjoyed the ambiance of one of their favorite coffee places:

Lucas + Emily-Man, your flexibility and good humor will get you through SO much in life together. I cannot wait for your wedding day to see how your personalities shine through from start to finish. There isn't a doubt in my mind it will be one for the record books. Enjoy the process and each other on the journey!



PS You can view more of our time together HERE