In preparing for the Class of 2017 and scheduling their Senior Session, I thought it might be a good idea to offer a few ideas on the photo side of your senior's senior year.  Here are some observations I've seen that have worked really well for past senior clients: 

1. Book your Senior Session EARLY (contact me spring of Junior year for early summer BEFORE your senior year starts) I'm currently booking into June!!

2. Finalize album decisions and select favorite images in August.

3. Send your favorite image to yearbook in September or October per your Yearbook Staff's request.

4. Thoroughly enjoy senior year with one less thing to do on your schedule!

5. By Spring Break of senior year, have invites, announcements and any prints you want for the grad party developed.

6. April-plan your grad party menu and gather photos & mementos from their life for displays. (Enlist help!!)

7. May-planning done! Make food, clean house, have fun, and grab a kleenex when they walk across the stage. 

I know there's a lot more to a senior year than what I've listed here, but as far as photography services for you goes, that's how it's worked out really smoothly for my clients and I hope it helps you too! 

Blessings to you and your students. If you have a member of the Class of 2017 in your household, let's chat!