No, not Friends with Benefits, but Beneficial Friends. I am honored to have a circle of friends in my back pocket as my secret weapons for second shooting weddings with me.  I call them my friends and Secret Weapons because they truly do get shots that I can't get because I'm otherwise occupied with my brides and grooms. They get the candid shots of Aunt Sue and the mother of the bride gazing lovingly at the bride, the flower girls picking their noses and the ring bearers playing with their suspenders. 

And, on occasion, they capture me in my finest moments when I don't know a camera is poised at me. 

All silliness aside, here are some first hand examples of what make a second shooter so crucial to the success of your wedding day...

While I'm shooting the bride getting ready, my 2nd is typically shooting the groom getting ready and putting him in place for the couple's First Look.

Next in a wedding day is typically bridal party photos and we are able to "divide and conquer". My 2nd usually stays with the groom and his men while I stay with the bride and her maids. 

We work to have family photos done before the ceremony as that allows guests and family members to maximize their time together in celebration of the couple. While I'm rounding the troops for larger group photos, my 2nd knows to also help round people up, but to nab some candids along the way:

We work really hard and have ended ahead of schedule each wedding this past season (score!), to have family photos done at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony. This allows the bride to rest her feet, touch up make-up, grab some sips of water or a quick snack and her bridal party to do the same. Meanwhile, my 2nd and I are putting gear away, swapping out camera cards and getting in our positions to capture different angles of the bride's interaction with her Dad or the special person walking her down the aisle.  My 2nd usually stays in the rear while I am near the front:

Lastly, during the reception, we cover the dance floor from all angles and end up with wonderful shots either way: 

I have a team of second shooters who I am also honored to call friends. They help me carry gear, give me creative ideas throughout the day, help everything run on time and keep me company throughout the day. They are an extension of my brand and do an excellent job of taking great care of my clients on the most important day of their lives. Thank you so much to my second shooters of the 2015 season! Let's make 2016 just as fantastic!!