A lot of my clients know and understand my workflow, and I've blogged just about every session (will explain why not EVERY session in a moment), so you know how they tend to go. But I thought I'd give you a behind-the-scenes glance at what goes on after your time in front of the camera is complete. 

First, no matter what is going on at home when I come back from your session, I immediately go to my computer and back up your images to two different places. Two external hard drives keep the originals and I don't delete the images off the camera's SD cards until I've fully edited and uploaded the session. So, at any given time, should I have some kind of random technical malfunction, there are at least three other places where your images are safe and sound. Not to jinx myself, but I've never had a corrupt card nor lost any session's images in my photography business history of six years. 

In case I've totally bored you, I'll bullet point the bulk of it:

*upload images to Lightroom 

*cull (pick my favorites) and edit

*export those to an edited folder and upload them to your online gallery

*select my top 20-25 images, watermark those in Lightroom, and export those to a Post folder.

*write blog using those top 20-25 images.

*post blog, linking it to Facebook and Twitter

*email client that their gallery is published and ready for viewing (they've usually seen that their photos are done prior to that because I tag them on the Facebook post). 

In my six year history of photographing families, high school seniors and weddings, (over 500 shoots) I've had less than 5 families request "No Facebook". This is usually due to the nature of their jobs or an adoption in process. Regardless of the reason, I absolutely honor that request.

After the gallery is published online, the world is your oyster! You can download from your gallery to your computer, you can order prints and canvases as well. They are directly shipped to your home in a very quick turn-around time frame. If you are a wedding or high school senior client, we have album options that I've talked about HERE. Other than that, your next step is to enjoy your images, the memories created and the milestones documented! 

It is a sincere pleasure serving you and your families!