Because these two ladies are such good friends and they both wanted another shot in front of my camera, we combined their session to do their photos at the same time. Who better to get genuine smiles and laughter out of you than your good friend (and your Mom in attendance too)? 

Maddy wanted more of a Fall season "look" and this particular afternoon was perfect for it-leaves changing and falling, not to mention, Maddy's new hair color coordinated really nicely too! 

Alli wanted a Fall season "look" too (we're working our way through all four seasons with her!) and went for a more laid back outfit.

Maddy's mom requested a few more up-close photos, so we aimed for that in between the nose-scrunching hilarity that ensued.

Then, we just had fun with the leaves, doing something different with each lady:

Ladies & Moms: It was a pleasure having you in front of my camera again! Your lovely daughters are a joy to work with and I hope you are pleased with our results! This definitely has my brain churning for offering more of these duo sessions for the Class of 2017. Thanks for being the first!!



PS You can view the rest of Maddy's session HERE and Alli's session HERE