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Summary of CKP 2017

What a year for Carrie Krupke Photography!!! As I look back on the goals I made a year ago and see what we were able to accomplish in the midst of raising two beautiful children, teaching, and working to become a better photographer, I'm stunned. Here's a fun run-down of 2017:

family stats.jpg

I did my best to keep track of all my clients, our shoot locations and details, for all these fun statistics. If I left anyone out, I apologize and please let me know!! I'm so thankful that families from all over the Des Moines Metro area trust me with documenting their families and some traveled from as far as Florida to be in front of my camera. Thank you for traveling all those miles!!!

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 6.45.01 PM.png
Locations copy.jpg
Senior Stats.jpg

But allow me to back up for a moment. In the very beginning of the year, my album designer, Amy Nave and I created a senior magazine that I can give to all my senior inquiries. It breaks down all the information they need to know for how I run senior sessions and what they can expect. I love the professional approach it grants my business, lessens the number of questions sent through email and gives my clients confidence in the process. Another awesome part of this is that Amy created the pages of this magazine with future updates in mind. So, I can add or amend information as my business practices may change, and update photos from more recent sessions.

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 9.42.14 PM.png

In April and December, I had the pleasure to present information on running a business, photography and work-life-balance at two different Career Days for Norwalk Schools, one to HS, one to 9th graders. A friend also asked me to speak to her journalism students in another school district to talk about photography and social media, specifically, this fall. They asked great questions and I really enjoyed sharing information with them! Side bonus: it got my name out to a lot more potential senior clients!

I gifted a senior session to Norwalk's After Prom raffle, a mini family session to a West Des Moines MOPS group auction and a mini family session to our church's Women's Coffeehouse event. I love giving back to the community, broadening my circle of friends and getting my name out to new folks! 

This season was packed to the brim and I'm so excited to share with you in another post some of my favorites from the year. We've done Behind the Scenes 2017 and this By The Numbers post. Stay tuned for 2017 Favorites!! 

Happiest of New Years!



On Display


On Display

When I was a teenager, I sent a gorgeous sunset photo in to the phone company as a submission for their phone book cover competition. My Dad and I have always joked about the upclose squirrel photo that won for that year. (A squirrel, seriously!?) Clearly, those judges didn't know a good photo when they saw one. 

I stand corrected. There are some judges who know what they're doing. ;)

Several weeks ago, I got this email from a past client, turned friend, just casually letting me know of a photo competition in my area. It was commemorating Winterset's Covered Bridge Festival, in conjunction with the musical Bridges of Madison County, showing at at Des Moines' Civic Center.  Ironically, a family had requested their family session to be at Winterset's City Park where one of those covered bridges rests. It was too convenient NOT to submit a few from that session that fit the criteria. 

Thank you Amanda + Trevor!!

I named the image "Happy Shadow" and it was selected to be in the traveling gallery!! It will be on display this weekend at the Covered Bridge Festival in Winterset. The gallery will be open from 9AM to 5PM on Saturday the 10th, and from 9AM to 2PM on Sunday the 11th at the Iowa Quilt Museum (my mom would be so proud!) located at 68 E. Court Ave in Winterset.

Additionally, the images selected will be on display at the Civic Center gallery Nov. 28th-Dec. 5th in conjunction with the performances of the musical Bridges of Madison County. Those photographers (from 5 different states) who have their images on display won two tickets to opening night of the musical and a pre-performance reception. 

Thanks for the date night opportunity and the street cred Civic Center!!!! 

I'm honored, humbled, and finally feel that my photos are worthy of a phone book cover, 

Carrie ;)


Improvements and Upgrades

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Improvements and Upgrades

June was a big month over here at Carrie Krupke Photography which led to all sorts of changes behind the scenes. I enrolled in a creativeLIVE course taught by the wonderfully funny and photographically gifted Jasmine Star. Dubbed "The Complete Wedding Photographer Experience", the lessons Jasmine taught each day applied to much more than weddings. She taught on her business practices, how she communicates effectively and lovingly with her clients and their vendors, posing, utilizing natural light sources, and so much more. 

She also "killed two birds with one stone" as it were. Jasmine was selected to photograph The Knot's Dream Wedding, so in conjunction with this creativeLIVE course, Jasmine brought us along for the wild ride that was that day. It was a winery wedding that started at noon (procuring very difficult light situations among many challenges) and as luck would have it, I had my own winery wedding that started at 1pm to prepare for. It was impeccable timing and prepared me quite well for what I would encounter with Heather + Rob's day. But this class also convinced me it was time for several other changes that I'm implementing in my business practices that I wanted to let you all know about:

1. in preparation for a bride + groom's wedding day, if they have a coordinator, I contact him/her to e-introduce myself and discuss the timeline, making sure we're on the same page. With Heather & Rob's day, it made us all feel like we were a larger team, working together for the couple, not just doing our own thing. What a difference!!

2. using my favorite images that help tell the story of the bride + groom's day, I create a slideshow using soundslides   using music from The MusicBed as a teaser for the couple to share their images with friends and family. I also post this to social media for easier sharing. (You can see Ali + Mark's and Heather + Rob's....) 

3. after the wedding day is done, the images are culled and edited, and the bride + groom have seen them, I'll send the vendors that were involved with the day (florist, caterer, coordinator) the link to the online gallery so they have great images of their work. 

4. as the bride + groom, or any high school senior client of mine, have selected their favorite images from their day, I can see their Favorites List from my view of their Pixieset gallery. I then forward that List to the newest member of my team: Amy from Albumesque designs. I dabbled in designing some senior albums last fall and while I learned a TON from the process and did fine, I also know when it's better suited to be in the hands of a professional. 

5. From that list of their favorites, I create a StickyAlbum App. I upload those Favorites to StickyAlbums and it creates an app for my client to download directly to their mobile device-giving them a shortcut, if you will, to the best of their session and it becomes easier to show friends, family and those folks can download the app too. 

For someone not accustomed to changing things up all that often, let alone incorporating systems for FIVE new steps to the process, my brain has been on overload a smidge in the past month, and yes, I've made a few blunders along the way, but an email from Jasmine Star, herself, is always a pick-me-up and encouragement to keep going:

6. Lastly, per a suggestion from the lovely Zach & Jody Gray, from my video chat with them, my website designer and I collaborated to condense the video on my website to highlight a few things more directly and make uploading the site to mobile devices faster. Take a look-see

Whew! I need to get back to work for you guys! :) 

Keep on keepin' on, 


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2014: In Review


2014: In Review

Sometimes, when I feel like I'm drowning, on the verge of a pity-party, or I'm just not satisfied with where things sit (c'mon ladies, you know you've been there too), it helps me to reflect back on the year, not only to see God's goodness (though that's certainly enough!) but also to see how far we've come as a family, a couple, me as a business owner, and us as homeowners.   For the sake of brevity here today, I'll give you a snapshot of just the photography side of our lives...

Participated in Help Portrait.

Shifted from Zenfolio and moved to Pixieset with high quality prints and uber-fast service from WHCC.

We still use Groovebook and continue to love it (especially for Oma/Papa and Grandma & Grandpa.)

I will continue to be the team photog for Walnut Creek's Upwards program alongside dozens of volunteers.

Carrie Krupke Photography, LLC got a HUGE facelift thanks to Bobby Lauritson.

Goodbye Blogspot blog

I can now take credit card payments and you can pay with an online invoice option, courtesy of

Some of my photos were featured on Twice

A record year: record number of newborns, weddings, seniors and a whopping 17 new family clients. (I LOVE making new friends and meeting new people!) 

Encountered great encouragement from The Grays.

I now offer albums for senior clients, giving them a more rounded experience and memorializing their once-in-a-lifetime achievement. 

Phew! I'm tired just looking at all of that! 2014 has been a great year, a blessed year, and I'm so excited to tweak a few things to make 2015 even better for YOU and for your experience with my camera. THANK YOU doesn't even come close, but, seriously friends, thank you. I wouldn't be where I am today without you.

Now booking session for this year!

Cheers to a fantastic 2015,



WHCC: Albums


WHCC: Albums

I've always said, "I'm not a product-based photographer." My clients have greatly enjoyed the freedom of an online gallery in a mobile-device-friendly environment and they have the freedom to order prints and canvases from that gallery. My Pixieset gallery prints through a lab based in Minnesota called White House Custom Color (WHCC). They ship orders directly to my clients with no sweat, no fuss. Easy-peasy. And with Jimmy John's-fast lightning speed.

Then, I got THE email. 

A parent emailed me that they loved the photos I'd taken of their senior, had chosen their favorites, and then asked that dreaded question, "Now what?" 

If ever there was a client/friend to try this out on, this family was IT. I emailed Mom back and let her know that I was new to the next step, but if they could be patient with me, we'd figure it out together. I spent an afternoon of my Thanksgiving break designing some sample albums, making several phone calls to  White House Custom Color (WHCC) to make sure I'd designed with the right template, sent it through ROES (their ordering software) correctly etc.... In a matter of a few hours, the hardest part was over! 

Mom, senior, and I set up a time to meet (at my home's kitchen table while Gerard tried to put Laidy to bed, no less) and we went through their options. An hour later, both headed to their car pleased with their choices and I was ecstatic to get to designing a beautiful product for them. 

If you are a senior or a parent of a senior, here is what you can expect your senior album from WHCC, designed by Carrie Krupke Photography, LLC, to look like!!

No, I'm still not a "product-based" photographer. But offering this option at the end of your session helps round out your experience with me with a high quality heirloom. This puts a solid stamp on such a monumental achievement in your student's life and I couldn't be more excited about offering my clients such a beautiful product.