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Jaden : Class of 2019


Jaden : Class of 2019

Jaden is one of the first seniors I scheduled for the season and he knew right where he wanted to start his session-the Capitol-where he's been a lot this past school year, advocating for issues about which he's most passionate. He's headed to Princeton for a seven-week leadership program and when he filled me in on it, I wasn't in the least surprised...

As an incoming 7th grader, Jaden attended the summer band camp that I took Norwalk students to and he told me by mid-week that he'd come back every year and then be a high school helper when he aged out of it. I could see the seeds of leadership building in him then, so to hear he's involved in politics and student leadership at NHS...I find myself nodding in agreement, in awe to watch this young man grow into who he is. 

As we were visiting after a high school band concert in May, Jaden was talking to friends about their senior photos and Ana piped up. Together, we landed on a date, time and starting location within 5 minutes. This Duet Session was an absolute joy to document and they did a fantastic job sharing moments in front of my camera (as did their parents!). 

We headed over to the Botanical Gardens for a quick stop with their outdoor sculpture options and then headed down towards Cownie Sports Complex.

In some ways, these two look the same as they did in 6th grade and in others, they've grown so much as young adults. Jaden, I know you're going to do great things whether you land at Princeton or not. Your leadership, encouraging heart and witty humor will gain you friends anywhere you go and I'm so proud of the responsible and informed citizen you have become. Keep asking good questions and don't stop till you get the truthful answers. 

Blessings on everything, 

Mrs. K.

PS You can view more of our time together HERE. 



Ana : Class of 2019

I think I say this every season, but I can't believe this group of students will be seniors this fall! I had the joy of teaching Ana for three years as she was a flute player (and that was my major in college, so I get the flutes most of the time). It's been so fun to sit back and watch her grow in her confidence, finding her voice and seeing her personality come to life throughout her high school career. Even more special, she's now enrolled in the Digital Photography course that I'll be teaching this fall, so I get to teach her again! It was a little intimidating knowing that she'll be in my classroom again as I was shooting her senior photos-hopefully, I gave her good mental notes to take throughout our time together!

While we had a blast starting our day bright and early together, we also hit some rush-hour traffic and garbage truck routes downtown Des Moines, so we did our best to find out-of-the-way locations and I used different techniques to block out what could be distractions in her images. :) The last couple years has seen an army of flute players continue to high school so, many of them take up Color Guard and Ana is rockin' it!

We made a quick stop to the Botanical Gardens for some of their art features outside their building, then headed to a shady spot that a friend introduced me to that would give some more nature-y backdrop options.

I don't think I mentioned this, but Ana joined up with Jaden's senior session for several reasons:

  • they're great friends
  • they wanted the same backdrops
  • I had a packed shooting schedule by the time she contacted me and was flexible to make anything work

It was a blast to do this Duet Session! These two did a great job sharing the spotlight with each other and we had a ton of fun working out their last jump together. 


I know you're going to do great things this year and beyond! You've got my full support behind you as you endeavor to be a future educator no matter where you land for college studies. Hold on tight because it's a wild ride! 

All the best, 

Mrs. K

PS You can view the rest of our time together HERE. 


Katie : Class of 2018


Katie : Class of 2018

I still can't believe this session actually happened!! Not just one item knocked off my Bucket List but TWO and with a lovely new friend to boot. Katie is a student in one of the journalism classes that I spoke to about photography this fall and her senior photographer had a baby recently! Katie was hoping to have some snow senior photos but her photographer was on maternity leave, so I was happy to fill in for a quick session to complete her photo portfolio. And boy, did we have to move quick! It was one of the coldest days on record in the last month when we went for this. So, we had a game plan inside and then would book it to make one idea happen, rest inside for a few and book it again! Katie did a fantastic job, as did her pups and horses!!

I'm pleased to introduce you to Trigger (left) and Hope (right). I was thinking about the movie Homeward Bound every time I looked at Hope's mature face. Poor thing-her hips were probably giving her such trouble to sit on cold snow, but they were all troopers for their dear Katie: 

We next moved to her barn area and her horses! I can't tell you how many years I've wanted to do a senior session with horses and this black pony would photo bomb at every opportunity. It was so sweet and you can see just how cold it was by looking at his eyelashes and whiskers:

See how he makes his way in to most photos? What a sweet little guy! Quick outfit change and back out to the fence line to capture the sunrise!

One last idea for the morning. Poor Katie was shivvering, I couldn't feel my fingers even though I had gloves on. I am afraid to ask how long it took Katie thaw after we were done! But I love what we captured this morning!

Katie: I'm so proud of you and your commitment to go "all in" for these photos!! I'm sure it took you awhile to thaw but I hope you feel it was worth it!! Enjoy the remainder of your senior year and best wishes as you pursue Elementary Education!! 



PS You can view more of our time together HERE. 


2017 Favorites

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2017 Favorites

What a year! We pushed the limits of light: in-house light, bright light without shade, ice hockey rink light, auditorium and jazz club light with off-camera flash, bouncing light off reflectors, the list goes on and on... We challenged locations too: bedrooms, living rooms, studios, jazz clubs, inside the capitol, in water, in a RIVER. We celebrated new jobs, new babies, new homes, answers to health issues and healthy marriages. 

These sessions represent victories in getting a stubborn child to smile (finally!), a child relaxing on her Mama's shoulder for comfort after a tough day, scheduling snafus, forgetting of camera gear to a session (that was me! ugh), getting off-camera flash to work, getting huge props borrowed and lined up for a session, getting a newborn to lay "just so" for the right shot, working the sunlight so that it was "just right". Challenges answered by victories that made me a better photographer, businesswoman and person. 

I truly have the best clients on earth and I'm so thankful for the year that 2017 was for my business! This one's for you!!

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Behind The Scenes : 2017


Behind The Scenes : 2017

What a year it's been for Carrie Krupke Photography, LLC!! I didn't think it was possible to be more sure of the fact that I have the best clients in the world-but this year surpassed yet again! While I didn't have as many weddings this year where a second shooter was secretly getting photos of me at work, I do have a TON of "funnies" on our family sessions that make up for the gap. :) 

I want to start with the Dads of my families. They do a fantastic job helping me, wrangling (bribing) kids and sometimes getting beat on (or getting a workout) in the process. Take a look: 

Not to be outdone, Mamas had their fair share of windy hair days, bribery moments, but always in good fun. And they were 100% ALL IN to make their photos what they wanted, willing to do whatever I asked to make the magic happen. That sometimes meant slobbery kisses, or just getting slobbered on in general, last minute hair touch ups, adjusting clothing and poses and ample silly faces: 

From there, kids had their fair share of silly, flying, sad moments....

And yes, other photographers and their clients got this close to us (on, thankfully, just one occasion):

Cornell POST-20.jpg

And just like Maisie, I thought, "Give the girl her space!"

Choquette POST-24.jpg

We were able to catch some mid sneezes!

Next up: The newborns and maternity sessions. We beat back the bugs, had silly fun and it seemed that on several of the sessions, Mamas would capture me working with their babies on their phones. Thank you for grabbing these moments for me ladies!!

Last up: Wedding day moments! 

Lastly, we always have fun testing our light set up for family photos! 

Ok Ok, here's the real end and wrap up to this post. Fun story: I shot a wedding for my cousin, Ali in 2015 and asked Colby to second shoot with me since both Ali was UNI alum and Colby was UNI's mascot at one point in his collegiate career. At her wedding, Colby leaned over to me and whispered, "Who is that beautiful girl?" He was noticing Ali's little sister, Jenny. I advised him to be good (as if he has another possibility in his personality). Long story short, Colby popped the question to my sweet cousin Jenny just a few days ago and I couldn't be more excited!! This photo is a perfect send-off to 2017 as Colby was a second shooter for me again this year and deployed his drone for a great farewell shot: 


I could not do what I do without incredible clients, outstanding second shooters (Colby & Sarah!) and a supportive husband who lets me do this crazy business that has been such a wild ride this year. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for a wonderful 2017!