Growing up, my family always knew who and where we'd come from. My home's hallway was covered with antique frames holding equally old images of generations before me. It instilled in me a love for families and their stories. These photos captured milestones, documented momentous occasions and marked a bit of history-the clothes, postures, accessories, furniture-all told tales of lives and personalities, how they intertwined to bring us to today.

Fast forward to today, a Californian transplant to Iowa, the open fields of Iowa are a welcome sight, while I also appreciate the convenience of city-living. I'm an avocado connoisseur who loves watching the changing of the seasons in the midwest. I can be an extroverted introvert-outgoing for a time, but needing solitude to unwind and rejuvenate. 

I've taught instrumental music for ten years and together, my choir directing husband and I have a spunky, joyful daughter, Adelaide (Laidy for short) and fun-loving son, Lochlyn (Loch for short). Our third in line, stubborn fur-baby Ella, a mini schnauzer, keeps our home humming and yard squirrel-free. When we aren't tweaking a lesson plan or catching up on much-needed sleep, we play at the beach down the street from our home, throw frisbees across our yard and usually have a home project of some kind in process. 

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